Friday, September 26, 2008


sorry for this late update! was busy.

didnt thought my college frens would throw me a surprise party during my burfday. i thought it would be a boring one this year cause L is not with me, he is in outstation so couldnt celebrate it with him.
the party was in Time Square, celebrated in Kenny Rogers. all of us prefer chicken than sushi. lolx.. we all have fun.. there was a joke, laughter and... ya! fun fun.. :) thx guys! i appreciated it.
they brought me a chocolate cake as well, that was sweet. it came after my lunch. the cake was quite big to be shared among all of us, so the unfinish cake, we gave it to the workers in Kenny Rogers.
we went shopping after that, they bought me a bracelet, and a piece of jacket (thin jacket). it was nice, i love them. :)
after celebrating with them, i head up to 1u to meet up gillian. have been so long i never see her. almost 2years tho. we have so much things to be shared, we have our dinner in wong kwok. it was a nice one too. :) thx gil. i really enjoy and i love the present too. it was so sweet, got heart shape on it.
after meeting up with gillian, i have to meet up my another frein in camp5. so i went there and meet her. after that, she brings me to her house and then out with her fren to chit chat. i stayed overnight in her house. :) the next day, we went to KLCC.. went shopping! but i didnt buy anything tho.. hahaha..

i enjoyed my day so much on 22nd sept 2008! thx guys!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

in the morning.. L went to outstation again for work. he brings me out for breakfast and then he went. the time when he droped me at bus station to take bus to school, my tears started to drop. he asked me not to cry, its just work.. he will be back only after 12days. :( he still called me when im in the bus, to tell me not to cry.

L.. i miss you. get your ass back here ASAP!
i will wait for u to give me surprise for my birthday as you promise yesterday.. :)
i know that you wont manage to come back on my birthday.. but its ok.

i <3 u..!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


cheers for this year Merdeka, everyone!! hope u all will have a good year! we've been to the curve for the countdown.. and before that, we hang out at somewhere quiet (opposite TGI fridays).. chit-chatting..
the fireworks was beautiful..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my day was great with my L. he is always there for me and give me so much love. i love him very much as he treat me so good. thx so much.. :) i have a hard time for my sem 4 as there is 5subjects. the classes seems very bored though. got 1 counting subjects (business statistics). aiks.. somemore one of the class will end late at night, around 8.45. wtf....

Friday, September 5, 2008


hi everyone.. im sorry that i have been away from here for awhile. my blog was very messesd up before this. i got my friend to fix it for me already. sorry!! i am good anyway. miss you guys though..
L is treating me very nice and good. got someone to manja on.. :) thats what i like the most! i just started my sem 4 this week. i have 6 subjects to study. its alot. i prayed i can do it. the subjects is not easy tho. hmmm...
*kinda worry now. >.<
anyway, keep me update of wats goin on with your life, guys.. see ya!
catch up with ya soon..