Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i love being myself
sometimes i might be moody but then happy after a while
smile always
i dont know why.. but i just love posing without smile because i always thought that i dont look got posing with smile. haha.. swt!

last few weeks back, i have been involve with modeling line and i actually kinda loveee it.
because it is easy, just posing but then it is not easy to win. :( because different people have different poses and different judges have different thoughts on model's poses. then the marks they gave for judging is also different.

but the best thing is that i get so much of experience and knowing new friends. they are all great and have a great bodayy.. :) and tall. whoo.. im so short. and couldnt grow taller anymore. HATE it!

and now, what i want is to have my own portfolio because agencies is asking for my portfolio and i dont have one. and my new creation of portfolio is coming soon. so happy. :)
but kinda scared as i dont really know how to pose. lols..

tell then.. and sorry for this super late update. :(