Saturday, March 27, 2010

i didnt know that a company will have people quarelling even though it is not something to do with your life. but only work. cant they settle it down by talking or a good chat? plsssss..?
maybe its because i just came out to work and didnt have this type of experience or have been seeing and going through this type of situation before. but it really pisses me off when i see my collegues is arguing over their work, over their customers.

its so politic to me.
somehow, i just dont care because its not my problem and got nothing to do with me.
life seems very tired for me now a days. its maybe because i have spend too much time concentrating on my job and not other stuff. the concentrating power really takes up all my energy. have been working extra than my working hours because i tend to get everything done on that day itself. invoices and credit card charging will get me confused sometimes. this is what i dont like about it. >.<

but thank god, today is saturday. finish at 1pm just now. im so gonna sleep dead tonight after getting everything done (not my job of course, maybe washing and ironing). and wake up late tmr.. ahh..

just knew that daddy just had an operation. why isn't he telling me? why is my grandaunt is the one who told me about it? :(  missing my dad already. i hope that my sibling will take a good care of him.

<3 ya!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i am not thinking of anything, but i dont know why have been many days i couldnt just get myself on bed and sleep. yes! i am tired but i slept for awhile and then awake again.
just hope everything will go smoothly and  i really hope that i did make a right choice. right choice that will not let me down feeling regret.

i just wanted to concentrate on my job and to forget everything! i want to pass my day with happiness.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

life are totally boring sometimes. especially when its without someone you love by your side or another thing might be when you dont have the "MONEY". i am not saying about all this materialistic thinking. i am saying about entertainment. you do not expect your life to be like, work-eat-sleep everyday right? of course sometimes you will feel like going for movie, kareaoke or maybe play games. but if we do not have the money, life would be like all dead. but if with money, you have your limitation of course. i didnt say that we have to spend it all. of course we have to save for future too. arghh.. you just have to make the right decision ok!!?? everything have their limitation.

time passes by so fast.. sometimes i wonder whether i did make a right choice. anyhow, i dont think i can turn back anymore because i dont think that everything thati have decide and do will make me feel regret. i thank god so much for helping me out whenever i want him.

working as a full timer is not easy. time doesnt wait and your performance must be revealed. if not then your gonna be a 'loser' or somehow lets put it to a better saying, a 'not good in work' person. i am scared because i am still under probation and all of this thing are like totally new for me. but i appreaciate the work and the people that been teaching me and giving me support. i am glad that they are so patient and i hope myself can give my best. next 2months will be the evaluation day and its all depends on my performance and feedback from my department people and my collegue. i hope this all will go well.

winks.. ** :D

Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY was awesome this year but very tired as i have not much days in hometown to go visit all my relatives and also friends.
its good to see my grandma and daddy again and also my siblings. i miss them very much..

as always, when i look at my grandpa's pictures that hanging up the wall above my piano, my tears still drop. i cant help it every time so sometimes i keep myself from looking at the picture. he is my best man that i ever had since i was born until he is gone. i didnt have any chance to do anything and to buy anything for him since he were here, because i did not have any income but now i do.

just to let you know grandpa that I LOVE YOU very much. i will never forget you. i hope that you can hear me say 'I LOVE YOU' this word and know how much i love you.



Thursday, January 28, 2010

sometimes i dont see myself in working as a full time. but this is what everybody have to do and everybody have to have their  carrier one day. i still scared of the job that i am gonna get in 24 or 48hours time. i am not scared of not getting hire but scared of after getting hire, what are the responsibility and what i have to do in the company. i am afraid because i have never work as a full time before, all this while been working as a part time. this time.. it will be all so different from last time.

i just hope everything will work out and family would be happy with what they expected from me since i was in high school.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

gotta be happy when your not!

<3 <3 <3
everything go so fine. :) happy. :)
today was my last day in Leonardo's Dining Room & Wine Loft. after this work, i gonna look for a full time job. i hope everthg gonna go well. i have a job in Genting later doing lucky draw for customer in Genting Casino. this would be a 2nd time replacing my friend. it was a good job though and i will be there for 3days. room is provided.
the good thing working in a restaurant, especially in a fine dining restaurant is that u get to know good people and also people who will give you a good opportunity. opportunity as in like introducing u to jobs, peoples and so on. i have a drink with one of the customer just now since it is my last day, i have OLD PARR and it is only not even half a glass and i feel so heaty and i grew red. haha..
i have good experience too, i learned about wines, how to arrange tables and stuff like that.