Friday, October 31, 2008

if i were a boy

i love this song so much by beyonce, if i were a boy..

this song tells us so much that how another party will get hurts when we do something towards them.
guys.. you should listen to this song. its not like what you think that girls have same feeling as guys do. totally different!

pimples..... arggghh!

arggghh.. what a bad day! i have 2pimples since yesterday. it was red and painful..
so ugly.. and today, late to class cause gotta deal with my stupid pimples in the morning.
such a badbadbad day!
i dunno what i have done till the pimple became even worst. because of OXY 5 i guess, i applied it yeterday night. it didnt turn out the way i want it to be, but became worst.
*having class at 2pm later, but feel like pontenging the class.
cannot.. management class is important! >.<

hell day

what a hell day i have today and yesterday. just couldnt get my brain of L. ahhh.. eventhough we have spend so much time together.
we are fighting, thats the thing! im so sad that i couldnt understand and be patient towards him. argghhh...
* im trying so hard *
trying so hard to control.. love him too much.!
yesterday suppose to go somewhere else but didnt turn out to be the same. so i got upset again for not telling me. i hate myself sometimes!
gotta deal with it, so we went somewhere else with his pareant to have a nice dinner.
thx L for the super nice dinner we have yesterday. and also sorry for what i have done to you.

Monday, October 27, 2008

happy holloween!

heyhey.. holloween just around the corner. did you guys check it out any place that have those nice decoration? my friend has invited me to thier holloween party as well.

i went to 1u, the decoration was so nice at new wing, ground floor. you guys should check it out. they set up lots of small booth over there. such as Famous Amos, MPH...

i have so many things to blog since L came back from outstation. we have such a great time going out, hanging out with his family and his uncle. we took alot of pictures as the decoration for holloween is so nice



things have been so smooth between us. i prayed that this relationship will last forever. im sorry that sometimes i have been so pethetic, ok! i hope that we really have fun and enjoy during your birthday!
I LOVE YOU ... !
i will always do. sorry that i didnt buy anything for you yet. so just wait for the day that i have set up ok?? cause i got my own reason. :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

i love this dress

oh wow.. i visited my favourite link and saw this dress from cherryblossomcloset.

i thought of buying it, but gotta think again. cause i haven buy anything for L's birthday yet. so yeah... anyway, i dun really wear dress. so kinda waste of money if i buy and just keep it in my cupboard. lol.. :)

create my webpage

got this assignment from e-commerce lecturer. the assignment is about creating our own webpage. she gave us a few site to choose from, i decided to choose blogspot cause its much more easier, and im already get use to it.
so now i have to write almost everyday to make my blog interesting and not dead. i have to customize to make it more attractive as this will be given a mark. my due date will be on the 4th november.

i will have to print out this webpage for her and she will decide my marks. aih.. so mafan ryt? i hope i already done my best.
what you guys think of my blog? is it ok enough or gotta change abit more?

comment ya!
this depent on you, guys.. thx!

converse shoe

i got no idea so i called L up and asked him what he want for his birthday. i know!! this will not be a surprise for him anymore. but as long as he get to choose and he is happy with the present laa..
first he said he want me to get him this helicopter, then he change his mind. he want me to get him a shoe. he like converse very much as he have 2 of it at home. but not in a good condition anymore, so i decided to get him a shoe from converse.. i dunno how much will it be. but i guess it will be around rm200..

the good news for today is that..... L is coming back today and he will reach around 6.
awwhh.. im so happy!

Friday, October 24, 2008

i have so many assignment that i have to finish before 4 november but im still hanging around.


yesterday went to popular bought this disket for my information system homework and also assignment. so didnt manage to stop by my grandmama's place to visit her and have dinner with her. :(

i went back home straight, and it was already 8pm by then. i only ate 2 buns from bread story.

decided to watch this Laguna Beach complete season 2. so ya, it was a interesting story between Lauren, Kristin and Stephen. complicated relationship they have. dint realise i watched it till 11.40pm and i decided to go to bed already cause the next day i have an early class. :p

~i know this drama have been on for few years already. but its just me trying to catch up now. :) just for fun tho!! and i know im tots out dated ok?? but the good news is that i have already finished watching the drama, Gossip Girl long long time ago(umm.. last 2months actually).. not bad huh? *giggles*

*missing L then.

*he makes me cry cause i cannot get him on the phone at around 6plus. his phone was inactive!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

about legacy.

last few days watch this movie called, Legacy. just to kill my boredom. lol..

the main actress was Hillary Duff's younger sister, Haylie Duff.

the show was not bad but the weird thing is that her hair looked so fake. argghh.. kindaf ugly actually. *wtf*

the hair is tot blond, it looks good on the whites but i dunno why it look so ugly on her like it doesnt suit her at all.

i think its really fake and the hair looks really big on her.! haha...

*catch this movie if u can.. find out who is the murderer of Katie..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


em.. lets blog about what we did and have on last sunday. :)
emily.. she is such a nice girl. as she said that she talks alot when she know you better. she is funny. guess what, we are supposed to go shopping on sunday before we sit down to do our assignment. but it turns out to be other way round. but its not all that bad.
i love it!

we went to this weird restaurant. its dark, japanese style, songs play over and over again..
we ordered rice with chicken/ fillet. quite resonable.. so we sat down there ate, chat and do assignment. both of us bought our own laptop. we sat there from 2.30 till 5.20pm, the time past so fast. i thought i could not go shooping with emily anymore cause i got to get back before it gets dark. but lucky, L's mom came and pick me up as she also wanna do shooping before she leave for taiwan trip next month.

so we went shopping together. L's mom bought 1 sweater, 2 long sleeve shirt. emily gotta leave as she gotta go back and rush to finish up her assignment. after buying those needs.., we head back. we stop by to makan at kota damansara..

*suck: carrying those heavy laptop around shopping..
*em.. we should go out again but not with laptop anymore. >.<


L.. i kept on thinking this few days of what to buy for you. i know that it should not be complicated for me to think what to buy. but i want it to be the best gift and present as it is the first birthday gift from me. :)

i went to pyramid with emily on sunday. i went into this polo shop try to look for the polo T that u like. but its not as nice as what u think and the material is not all that good. and today, i went to kepong jusco and see if i can get anything u would like. tried to get u sun glasses, but i scared u might not like it. i dunno what to look for anymore. and i know u like control car.. but i went and do some suvey already, its not worth it ler.

whatever.. i will get u something special babe.. just wait..! make sure you are free on the 9th nov 2008. u already promise me no one can disturb this day!! *giggles*

now im waiting for u to come back. fast fast be back.. i want to see what you bought for me and i need a hug cause i have been throught lots of stresses already. im sure you do huh??

xoxo.. <3

Friday, October 17, 2008


-leon went to outstation,will not be seeing him for about 10days!! arghh..
-assignment kept on coming to me.
-without seeing leon for 1day is like going to hell..
-so many assignments to handle and the due date for it is almost the same!
-just finished my business law exam but i dont know how to do, so just wait for the result!
-later having my business statistics exam and i im so nervous! ahhh...
-dunno whether they will give the standard variation formular during the exam..

oh gosh!!