Saturday, March 27, 2010

i didnt know that a company will have people quarelling even though it is not something to do with your life. but only work. cant they settle it down by talking or a good chat? plsssss..?
maybe its because i just came out to work and didnt have this type of experience or have been seeing and going through this type of situation before. but it really pisses me off when i see my collegues is arguing over their work, over their customers.

its so politic to me.
somehow, i just dont care because its not my problem and got nothing to do with me.
life seems very tired for me now a days. its maybe because i have spend too much time concentrating on my job and not other stuff. the concentrating power really takes up all my energy. have been working extra than my working hours because i tend to get everything done on that day itself. invoices and credit card charging will get me confused sometimes. this is what i dont like about it. >.<

but thank god, today is saturday. finish at 1pm just now. im so gonna sleep dead tonight after getting everything done (not my job of course, maybe washing and ironing). and wake up late tmr.. ahh..

just knew that daddy just had an operation. why isn't he telling me? why is my grandaunt is the one who told me about it? :(  missing my dad already. i hope that my sibling will take a good care of him.

<3 ya!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i am not thinking of anything, but i dont know why have been many days i couldnt just get myself on bed and sleep. yes! i am tired but i slept for awhile and then awake again.
just hope everything will go smoothly and  i really hope that i did make a right choice. right choice that will not let me down feeling regret.

i just wanted to concentrate on my job and to forget everything! i want to pass my day with happiness.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

life are totally boring sometimes. especially when its without someone you love by your side or another thing might be when you dont have the "MONEY". i am not saying about all this materialistic thinking. i am saying about entertainment. you do not expect your life to be like, work-eat-sleep everyday right? of course sometimes you will feel like going for movie, kareaoke or maybe play games. but if we do not have the money, life would be like all dead. but if with money, you have your limitation of course. i didnt say that we have to spend it all. of course we have to save for future too. arghh.. you just have to make the right decision ok!!?? everything have their limitation.

time passes by so fast.. sometimes i wonder whether i did make a right choice. anyhow, i dont think i can turn back anymore because i dont think that everything thati have decide and do will make me feel regret. i thank god so much for helping me out whenever i want him.

working as a full timer is not easy. time doesnt wait and your performance must be revealed. if not then your gonna be a 'loser' or somehow lets put it to a better saying, a 'not good in work' person. i am scared because i am still under probation and all of this thing are like totally new for me. but i appreaciate the work and the people that been teaching me and giving me support. i am glad that they are so patient and i hope myself can give my best. next 2months will be the evaluation day and its all depends on my performance and feedback from my department people and my collegue. i hope this all will go well.

winks.. ** :D

Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY was awesome this year but very tired as i have not much days in hometown to go visit all my relatives and also friends.
its good to see my grandma and daddy again and also my siblings. i miss them very much..

as always, when i look at my grandpa's pictures that hanging up the wall above my piano, my tears still drop. i cant help it every time so sometimes i keep myself from looking at the picture. he is my best man that i ever had since i was born until he is gone. i didnt have any chance to do anything and to buy anything for him since he were here, because i did not have any income but now i do.

just to let you know grandpa that I LOVE YOU very much. i will never forget you. i hope that you can hear me say 'I LOVE YOU' this word and know how much i love you.



Thursday, January 28, 2010

sometimes i dont see myself in working as a full time. but this is what everybody have to do and everybody have to have their  carrier one day. i still scared of the job that i am gonna get in 24 or 48hours time. i am not scared of not getting hire but scared of after getting hire, what are the responsibility and what i have to do in the company. i am afraid because i have never work as a full time before, all this while been working as a part time. this time.. it will be all so different from last time.

i just hope everything will work out and family would be happy with what they expected from me since i was in high school.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

gotta be happy when your not!

<3 <3 <3
everything go so fine. :) happy. :)
today was my last day in Leonardo's Dining Room & Wine Loft. after this work, i gonna look for a full time job. i hope everthg gonna go well. i have a job in Genting later doing lucky draw for customer in Genting Casino. this would be a 2nd time replacing my friend. it was a good job though and i will be there for 3days. room is provided.
the good thing working in a restaurant, especially in a fine dining restaurant is that u get to know good people and also people who will give you a good opportunity. opportunity as in like introducing u to jobs, peoples and so on. i have a drink with one of the customer just now since it is my last day, i have OLD PARR and it is only not even half a glass and i feel so heaty and i grew red. haha..
i have good experience too, i learned about wines, how to arrange tables and stuff like that.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

shhh.. i lied  that i won a competition and i won a price. the price is on the way and it is a handphone (Samsung Star 5233). but actually i was gonna get it myself using my salary that i worked for Panasonic 3moths ago. sorry but i tried at least to get you back the thing that i caused it to happened yesterday. sorry that i never think before i laid out my hand and it just happened. i Regret. sorry!

so till then, your new phone will arrive around end of this month or early next month.
hope your happy with it.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

lots of great movies

life have been great lately but was away for awhile as home internet have problem.
last semester class ended last friday and which was also my last presentation for my diploma course.

sister came down to KL last week. i brought her to my house to stay. :) *snatch her* shhh..
snatch her away from my grandmother. lols..
i brough her to movie. we watch Christmas Carol together. the next day, went for movie with L together for Astroboy. both were awesome but Astroboy is much more better. :p

then L couldnt wait to wacth Ninja Assasin by Rain. we tried to get the movie on the 1st day it came out but then no more seat as it was a last minute plan. so we watch Twilight New Moon. hehe..
Twilight will always had a great impression on me. i like the couples and also Jacob. their love is unique.. we manae to bought the midnight show ticket. show started at 1am. the show was great but the ending kinda disappointing because it doesnt show us who gets the girl. haha..
cant wait for the next episode.

the next 2days, after my presentation on friday. went down to Tmn. paramount LRT station and met up with M. plan to catch Ninja Assasin. waited for L to come and then talk to him. he said ok and went back to M's house to get approval from his dad. so we all went together include S and A.
it was awesome, all were happy. 3 of the gals went down and bought ticket. show at 11pm. the guys went back to L house to change. L was wearing shorts ok? haha..

the movie is awesome.. Rain should come out with more of action movies. but pity him as he have to undergone his diet for 8months for this movie. but then its not a wate tho. the movie is great and lots of people like it. but the sukkiest part is that the movie involved too much of blood.
:p haha

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Abandon House

and the latest shoot.. awesome too.. :)
love it very much as the Photographer bought me the Angel's wing.
and this time i brought J with me too..  cannot bring too many people as the guard will stop us from going in for shooting.

The location is at The Abandon House, Bukit Tunku.

loving the staircase very much. :)
thx to the Photographer for such a good idea.

and the angel's wing..



white dress for Abandon House is such a good idea. 

Putra Jaya

besides from study.. went for photo shooting.
it was awesome and J was with me and i really hope that she enjoy it very much. :)

the shooting was in PutraJaya.. with J, E and S.

3gals and 1 guy.. the view was nice and it was beside PutraJaya Pullman.


and me with J

the fake beach side and the Pullman. (Single Shoot)


i love the view in PutraJaya.. it was awesome and big. and the design for the building are all great!
hope to shoot there again someday but with different building and view. :)
have been so long i didnt update my blog.
was busy with work and also my study..

talking about study.. it has been a hectic for me. so stressed. it was my last semester and the subjects is not easy especially Business Research.
it was 100% on coursework.. so we have to score for research. gotta do research about few companies and it takes a very long time. and not easy to convince a staff that to do a survey for their company.
so yeah..

sorry for this late update.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i love being myself
sometimes i might be moody but then happy after a while
smile always
i dont know why.. but i just love posing without smile because i always thought that i dont look got posing with smile. haha.. swt!

last few weeks back, i have been involve with modeling line and i actually kinda loveee it.
because it is easy, just posing but then it is not easy to win. :( because different people have different poses and different judges have different thoughts on model's poses. then the marks they gave for judging is also different.

but the best thing is that i get so much of experience and knowing new friends. they are all great and have a great bodayy.. :) and tall. whoo.. im so short. and couldnt grow taller anymore. HATE it!

and now, what i want is to have my own portfolio because agencies is asking for my portfolio and i dont have one. and my new creation of portfolio is coming soon. so happy. :)
but kinda scared as i dont really know how to pose. lols..

tell then.. and sorry for this super late update. :(

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

yesterday was having a nightmare. its not something scary but something you dont wanna lose. and its something very important to our body part especially when we smile. hah..
i dreamt that i broke my front tooth. and i straight away woke up from my sleep. its so funny feeling and i dont know why i dreamt bout me breaking my tooth.

and then i didnt sleep back already. and its still early and i have no class (on hols). :)
and my day didnt went so well because someone is moody and got angry without any reason.
*hate those kind of feelings whene someone is angry at/ on something but then they make u feel like they are angry at you. the u got 'terasa'.

.FCUK that feeling.

sometimes just got myself thinking too much and asking myself, should i go on with what im having right now or move on?
-i dont know. this thing takes time i guess. and you know how it feels right, HW?

Monday, August 17, 2009


as promised! the photo for the cruiser team. sorry for this late because my friend got no time to go on9. so just got it 2days before.

its not many photo that i have been expected to put ti up. i have more but others cannot reelly see clearly. so yah.. sorry bout that.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

i need supporter.

in the morning around 10 plus, got a call from J. telling me that i am pick among all the girls to be in the catwalk for this coming friday fashion show. all the hair do and make up is sponsored by 'Whitney Academy'.

i am like *AWESOME*. so happy. *giggles*
first time in my life. but abit scared and yah.. gotta ask permission from L. he support me, he told me to take it because it is an experience for a life time.

but i need supporters from you guys. if anyone is interested, pls do let me know through my blog or facebook or MSN. Venue would be in REZONE Club, Cheras. be there at 8pm and before 12am.

Friday, August 14, 2009

if we love that someone

if we love someone, we want them to love us too.

but what if that someone treat us like #$%@, and do not even bother about how you feel?
will you still stick with them or you will run away?
someyimes its too complicated to be in love with someone that you love so much.

does that someone really care?
does that someone pick you up after school/ college after your class (he is not working)?
does that someone concern about how your exam goes? interview goes? job goes?
does that someone ever break their promise that you got so excited about?
does that someone fill up your stomach when you are hungry?
does that someone covers you from being bully by anyone?

from the above, does he really care actually? *confused*

-im not emoing but just try to express myslf. i want someone to talk to but then i think i just should keep it to myself till i cannot take it anymore. i should be patient again.