Tuesday, January 6, 2009

happy 1st anniversary

owh.. its my 1st anniversary with L. so so happy. well.. i planned everything as he is very bz with work and stuff.. i dont mind.. haha.. my planning is not all that good. it was a last minute work. aih.. kinda disappointed actually. oh.. the date yah.. its on the new year eve, 31st dec
. so we celebrate new year eve countdown together. i woke up late on this day.. then suddenly thought of i should give L a surprise. so yah.. i went to The Curve.. i reach there around 4pm. i was trying to figure out where to have nice dinner with L so he would be very happy and surprise. i went to tony romas but all booked up. i tried a few places but at last i got tony romas because we are late for dinner. L came late as there is place for us. so good... :)
we have this new year eve set dinner and L like steak so yah.. he picked steak. oww.. he is happy.. after dinner, we met up wit L's friend and a few of his friends. everywhere is packed, we decided to go for alcohol but everywhere is full. we decided to sit for awhile and at last we decided to go to Holly Coffee. we have a cup of fruit juice (not coffee). haha.. and its 12am.. Happy New Year!! the fireworks is so nice and long. it is so near to us. we are just outside Holly Coffee. after the fireworks end.. we went to ShenJu shushi for a drink again. they have this sakae alcohol. we ordered 4. it cost like RM74. and it is so so little. 14% alcohol anyway. i just took a small glass of it. eww.. tatse bad. haha... we grab some shushi as well besides drinking.
it was all fun fun fun.. me and L tried to leave out of the crowd to meet another friends in mamak. we reach the mamak at 3. ya.. that was it.
sorry for not blogging for so long. i was very bz with part time job. c u !