Wednesday, August 19, 2009

yesterday was having a nightmare. its not something scary but something you dont wanna lose. and its something very important to our body part especially when we smile. hah..
i dreamt that i broke my front tooth. and i straight away woke up from my sleep. its so funny feeling and i dont know why i dreamt bout me breaking my tooth.

and then i didnt sleep back already. and its still early and i have no class (on hols). :)
and my day didnt went so well because someone is moody and got angry without any reason.
*hate those kind of feelings whene someone is angry at/ on something but then they make u feel like they are angry at you. the u got 'terasa'.

.FCUK that feeling.

sometimes just got myself thinking too much and asking myself, should i go on with what im having right now or move on?
-i dont know. this thing takes time i guess. and you know how it feels right, HW?

Monday, August 17, 2009


as promised! the photo for the cruiser team. sorry for this late because my friend got no time to go on9. so just got it 2days before.

its not many photo that i have been expected to put ti up. i have more but others cannot reelly see clearly. so yah.. sorry bout that.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

i need supporter.

in the morning around 10 plus, got a call from J. telling me that i am pick among all the girls to be in the catwalk for this coming friday fashion show. all the hair do and make up is sponsored by 'Whitney Academy'.

i am like *AWESOME*. so happy. *giggles*
first time in my life. but abit scared and yah.. gotta ask permission from L. he support me, he told me to take it because it is an experience for a life time.

but i need supporters from you guys. if anyone is interested, pls do let me know through my blog or facebook or MSN. Venue would be in REZONE Club, Cheras. be there at 8pm and before 12am.

Friday, August 14, 2009

if we love that someone

if we love someone, we want them to love us too.

but what if that someone treat us like #$%@, and do not even bother about how you feel?
will you still stick with them or you will run away?
someyimes its too complicated to be in love with someone that you love so much.

does that someone really care?
does that someone pick you up after school/ college after your class (he is not working)?
does that someone concern about how your exam goes? interview goes? job goes?
does that someone ever break their promise that you got so excited about?
does that someone fill up your stomach when you are hungry?
does that someone covers you from being bully by anyone?

from the above, does he really care actually? *confused*

-im not emoing but just try to express myslf. i want someone to talk to but then i think i just should keep it to myself till i cannot take it anymore. i should be patient again.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Channing Tatum is so cool..

yesterday (tuesday), was my study skill in english exam. guess what? i forgot about my docket in the early in the morning and i was so nervous. when i got to college, i went to the service department that i didnt take my docket in the library before exam , and they handed the docket to me after that. i didnt know that we can take from the service department because normally i will go to library and take it before 2weeks. *relieve*

yesterday night promise King (uncle) to go watch GI Joe at 1pm. who knows, i fifnish my exam 1 and the half hour earlier, not that i dont jnow how to do, but i dont know why. haha.. SWT! >.<#
after exam, went to opposite chinese shop for makan. have 3 lady fingers wrapped with fish cake. (yong tao fu la). lols.. then have a little bit of chat wit friends about exam, degree and so on. then take bus to mid valley, went there so early and i have to wait for K. so yah.. our movie starts at 1.40pm. the show was good, best action show ever. i heard it was better than transformers 2. :) (those who lovesss transformers so very much, dont angry ah)

then after movie, went to FOS, bought 2tops. because of K, he brought me there to see clothes. i pok kai d la oi.. the again went to Labels, i got myself 1 pair of jean short skirt. plain and nice. :) love it.. haha.. oh ya, before movie, K spent me baskin robin's ice cream because he reach mid valley late. its his punishment for being 15minutes late.

i am a very simple person. every decison is also up to him, and now its my turn to choose and i hate choosing what stuff to eat for dinner. then i suggest foodcourst then. more things to choose from. so yah.. got myself claypot yee mee with chicken. we have a great chat about family stuff,
and i realise that i have taken care of myslf very well. thank god..

then went home with KTM. bb
oh my goodness! lately i have been logging into shop blogging. i have been so addicted right now. i cant stop and some more my last paper is on Friday and i haven start studying yet. i did my first paper yesterday as it was a English paper so i don't have to scared cause i have nothing to study, but this Friday, i will be having my promotional management exam, but im still sitting here busy about shop blogging. i cant take my eye from looking at those beautiful clothes. aww...
tats why as u can see i have been linking alot og shooping blog lately. i am crazy! ahhh..

i gotta stop.. so yeah.. good luck to me. :)
gotta start studying already if not i wont get good result fot it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

woke up early. around 9.30am, supposed to take bus down to 1utama. mana tahu, online and facebooking till 11am. cause have to meet up friend at 12.30 to take something. so i lost my rm12 for taking the cab. and he was driving so slow.. arghhh....

reach there at 12pm, went to Jetty makan. then i took my stuff from my friend. that stuff was actually a dress. i bought from her online. aww.. so nice la. loving it. :) then walk to ianti to get nail polish. saw there is a discound for hair wax, got t for L. and got myself a concealer too. spend too much. after tat, when to Watson and visit Lynn.

took cab to Kota Damansara for my free tummy treatment at S2 slimming centre. it was good. the person who massage for me is from Cambodia and she is so sweet. :) took about 30minutes for this massage. normal prize is rm180 and i got it for free cause im lucky. :) lolss..

after tat, i went to visit E, at his shop, talking to him. then went to look around for boutiques. the last shop i went in is a shoe shop. tell you.. its cheap, even online buying is more expensive. 1 for 39.90, 2 for 70. i wanted to get 2 but the other one tat i like got no size for me. aiks.. :( so i just got 1 pair for myself. so today, spend around rm120. and last few days spent alot. i should stop already. but anyway, i should pamper myself too cause i have been working very hard and it was tiring. and im glad tat i got myself the stuff that i wanted.

:) :) :)

bla bla bla..

the latest movie i have watched is the 'GHOST OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST'.

the past movie i have watched before the 'ghost of girlfriends past' is the 'ICE AGE 3'.

and i was suppose to wait for L to bring me go watch Transformer after he got back frm outstation but then we didnt make it. and now, it was not in cinema anymore. :(

the ghot of girlfriends past was a nice show, the story line is good, but to some people, it weren't nice. i dunno. :) i like it when he got haunt by his ex girlfriends and also his assistant. so funny.. and at last.. he still go back to his so called chilhood girlfriend (Jennifer Garner). i love her acting.

*winks* >.<

and last few days, i heard 'The Proposal' and 'GI Joe' was nice. should catch it soon in cinema. dont want to watch DVD. not nice. i want big big and huge screen. hehe.. ;)

anyway.. L is coming back today. reaching around 11pm later. mish him much.. cant wait!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

will post up the pictures of my roaming team job. cause it was great. :) i love it! wait till this friday then.

till then.. c you!

hard day of working

whole day felt very tired today. my mood is not good at all starting at 2.30pm. everything went well but ya know, woman's time. :0 hehe..what can i say?

today as a Dove roaming team, we went around Selayang to give out sampling. we thought that Selayang would be quiet and not many people, mana tahu.. so many people came after they saw our car parked at the market. so many people was rushing over to get the free sampling. too many to handle, and we're not enought sampling, so we gotta ask question before giving it out. we fast, we get! so we were like offering 5bottles of shampoo, if who answer our question correctly then they will get those 5bottles. just a simple question.. when s promotion date, what is the programe that we are introducing. thats all.. simple.. cause all the answer was in the paper that we gave out.

its tired even though it sound easy.. we have to pull customers and we have to take pictures to prove to our company that we are doing our job. lolc.. :) but we have a good day, 5boxes of shampoo finishhhh...

-i was sleeping in the carw hen i have time to sleep.
-pity the teamleader because he have to drive and dont get to rest.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

-D working
-L is busy too

after a few days in outstation, he lost lots of money. i dunno why. *couldnt mention* so yeah.. he was very sad and dont have the mood to work after that incident. i really feel sad for him and he is so really down. i tried to talk to him and convinced him to go to work and wake up early and he dont want to listen to me at all. he think he is better off sleeping just to forget about the incident but you cannot avoid it. so i woke him up in the morning aronund 10 something and he said he is waking up already. i called after 2hours later and he said that he is still sleeping and i asked him, 'dont you have work?'. and he siad yes but he is still sleeping after i called him after few hours later. and i got so mad at him and still keeping on caling. he got fed up and he off his phone. i couldnt get thru him for so long till he called me up around 8pm.

at midnight, he realise that he is wrong and i forgive him. jx that i dont want him to lost his job or anything but he dont understand that he always thought that i disturb him to wake up cause im doing nothing or miss him too much. i have my own thing to do, why do i have to call u if i dont concern about your work? you better do the thinking for your won good.

till then.. do take care and i miss you. soemtimes its jx better to keep things to myself. cause i realise that you dont understand me much.