Saturday, December 13, 2008

finally..... i done my exam. got my next semester time table ready already. aiks.. ;( have 4subjetcs and one of it is business math. aih.. i have maths.. i hate counting. lol.. scared man..
anyway.. im loooking for part time job ryt now. last friday went for interview in Amoda building. so just pray that i will get the job because i have 1month holiday. :) if not im gonna be bored at home and kisiao.. anyway.. i gtg. c ya!! i know this post is kinda short. but just wait for me to come back and blog again lo. hehhe.. bb!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

sorry for not updating my blog. i know its boring seeing the same things over and over again. what to do.. im BZ.. my exam haven finish yet. tmr will be the last paper. yay!! :)
my mom and brother came down from hometown, but got no time to accompany them. oopssy!!
i didnt really go study for my exam.. but i kinda can answer the question. cause this sem got no accounting subject. whoohoo... ^.^
anyway.. after i get all my things done, after my exam and i get myself to blog then i will update again alright. i cannot guarantee when. lol... cause i thought of looking for part time job after my exam. at least i get some extra pocket money. i wanna buy chinese new year clothes eh.. hehe.. and also christmas prezzie..
c ya!