Saturday, April 25, 2009

got off from the phone..

all i know is that i cannot go overseas, if not im not wanted anymore. maybe its true that no one can be FULLY trusted. i am happy as U dont let me go, cause this showed that U still care and concern over me if something happen to me when i get there. maybe U should follow me someday, so there will be US day, alryt? i miss u..

there's no one for me to hold on. why do U have to go when im about to have problem or hard time? i know that i cannot blame u for this as we got our own things to do and stuff like that. i kept on thinking this few days, will u easily get influenced by someone who is close to you and be like them someday? i am scared.. i realized u have changed alot since the first week.

but i still love u and cannot let u go. its hard and pain to let me even think of it. i need u to be strong always. <3

you are the one that i can always hold on to

Friday, April 24, 2009

now i know why on earth STUDY is sooo important. yes! its important, but i didnt know that it would be so hard to chase after your dream job and so. few days ago.. my mind was worrying about what university im going to after a complete my diploma, will i be able to get into a good u or what? what about my result and stufflike that. im very worried about this. i tried to seek help from my frens and tried to check on line as well. it all went well but i have not decide yet. maybe its still early, i cant slowly do research.


make it happen

me, melissa, joel, shin yin and irwan went to the curve and watch this movie, 'make it happen'. aww.. it was awesome. the gal is so pretty.. and tall.. but we missed the first part of the show, cause we were bz buying snacks at ikano lower ground floor. lolx.. we all enjoyed the movie.
i love dance movie.. feel like learning dancing now.. *swt*

Thursday, April 23, 2009

staying overnyt in mel's is good. she is always there. so i dont cry cause of something small. i miss you! yesterday cannot sleep, i dunno why.. maybe think too much. aih.. today woke up at 10am. at 11.30am, we supposed to pick up shin yin and go straight to HELP to check out their degree programme, but aunty called, we brought joel to see his car. so today was kinda tired.. whooh..
nothing much.. we all went to shin yin's house. we played WII (nintendo). nice! its like real life game. but this one jx used your hand la of course, but kinda tiring. haha.. i played tennis with melissa and also boxing game with her. guess what! she won all of it. argh.. im a bad player. lolx.

*fun fun*
*i love you mel*
*kiss hugs*

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

-still working on my mind
-not worth it
-it cost a lot

it might not be your fault. but pls understand me. sometimes it just doesn't seem right. is it my attitude again? guess it!

Monday, April 20, 2009

lots of movies .

was spending all this days watching movies. not in cinema but at home. sorry for not updating my blog. no time! sometimes i just dont feel like blogging cauze i dont noe what to blog about.

me, L.. buy lots of dvd from eddy to watch it at home. as entertainment. at last i got the clearer version of the movie i wanted. 'TWILIGHT'. i loved it. watch it over and over again. and L got this dvd that is supposed to be funny. but it turned out to be so pathetic and lame. lolx! its supposed to be like Mr. Bean show but its not. hmm... we return the dvd back and get the 'Punisher'.
haven't watch cz the dvd couldnt read. no time to go back and return.
and i have forgotten the movie tat i watch. the title i mean. hehe..

gotta go. bb..