Monday, November 24, 2008

what a crazy nite!

yesterday midnight was a crazy nite with lil emo sister!

sometimes we are cute(acting)

we colored our nail. mine was red pink and her's blue.

modeling.. woops!

we are what we are

lil miss emo & miss crazy
we slept around 4am.. woke up at 12.30pm and stating to blog about last night! cause it was really fun. emoness goes away..


twilight is coming soon in cinema. im gonna watch it.. cant wait for it.. both actors is so beautiful. i heard the book is nice but i dun like to read so dun bother buying the book even though i like the stories. but im sure gonna watch the movie. *winkkies*

thx for the hang out!

hey my dear sisters.

ivy and huey wen. thx for being by my side these few days. accompanying me all that stuff.
ivy, hope u enjoy this few days with me, tried my best to bring u out go hang kai. hope u love it.
huey wen, just now was reli fun. you drank your beer but i drank only nescafe. lolx! but all the chatting is fun ryt?
but dun be so down all the time thinking of useless thing and the past alright? im ere.. everything can be solve. no worries! now im overnight in ur house ma, can tell me everythg k?
muacks.. to, ivy & huey wen.


<3 u both,
xoxo, doreen..

Saturday, November 22, 2008


L is away again. this time, i went and follow him to kepo. he go work, i follow. lol.. just like a glue huh? but reli fun following him outstation. he bring me to a nice plave after his work. so happy!

we went to ipoh 1st then we overnight there for 2nights. after that moved to penang. we went to penang mall called sunway... *forgot the name lar* i only remember that we watched Madagascar3. so funny. owh.. love it! you guys should watch it.

me and L laugh like hell. LOlx..

Thursday, November 13, 2008


ah.. im so happy. i got my PSP. lolx. wanted the pink one but got the balck one instead. anyway.. im happy about it, colors doesnt make any difference.

8GB memory is still on the way. in the shop, they are changing for me because it spoiled. lol..

so now only have the 2GB with me. only can load 2games. so ya!

*still not satisfied*


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the hulk movie is yeng!

yesterday morning before making our way to genting, i watched this movie, incredible HULK. it was a nice movie. the action was very good and the HULK is very impressive and real.

i got this dvd with me for quite awhile already but i didnt watch it, so yesterday was so bored and sick so decided to watch it.

sick but enjoy!

oh, i fell sick and have fever! since friday, i felt so weak and feel like vomitting all the time.
i still haven recover till yesterday night. yesterday, without any plan, we went to genting with one of L's new friend that we just gotta know for 1day only. we went up there with 1car. we reach there around 3plus.
we went and have lunch in hou mei. then to look for shoe. we went to converse and bought this latest converse shoe. L love it so much. :) jalan jalan for awhile then we came back down here cause L's mom asked us to go back makan. so yea.. went home makan, then we came out again around 9 something to station 1 cafe.

what a day.. without resting but its all fun. so my sickness also gone.