Saturday, November 28, 2009

lots of great movies

life have been great lately but was away for awhile as home internet have problem.
last semester class ended last friday and which was also my last presentation for my diploma course.

sister came down to KL last week. i brought her to my house to stay. :) *snatch her* shhh..
snatch her away from my grandmother. lols..
i brough her to movie. we watch Christmas Carol together. the next day, went for movie with L together for Astroboy. both were awesome but Astroboy is much more better. :p

then L couldnt wait to wacth Ninja Assasin by Rain. we tried to get the movie on the 1st day it came out but then no more seat as it was a last minute plan. so we watch Twilight New Moon. hehe..
Twilight will always had a great impression on me. i like the couples and also Jacob. their love is unique.. we manae to bought the midnight show ticket. show started at 1am. the show was great but the ending kinda disappointing because it doesnt show us who gets the girl. haha..
cant wait for the next episode.

the next 2days, after my presentation on friday. went down to Tmn. paramount LRT station and met up with M. plan to catch Ninja Assasin. waited for L to come and then talk to him. he said ok and went back to M's house to get approval from his dad. so we all went together include S and A.
it was awesome, all were happy. 3 of the gals went down and bought ticket. show at 11pm. the guys went back to L house to change. L was wearing shorts ok? haha..

the movie is awesome.. Rain should come out with more of action movies. but pity him as he have to undergone his diet for 8months for this movie. but then its not a wate tho. the movie is great and lots of people like it. but the sukkiest part is that the movie involved too much of blood.
:p haha