Wednesday, July 29, 2009

-L sleeping early.
-D nothing to do, bored at home, sleeping too.

J knocking on the door looking for me, i join them for yam cha. before that, went to J's house for movie, funny movie (i forgot the title). *sorry*. then went to Al-Safa, noticed they changed new nice signboard. oh ya.. before i forget, knew 2new friends from J. P and F. couple.. :)

still waiting for L to call. but didnt. i sent few masges but no reply. came home around 1.30am, went on9, check facebook and blog. know tmr got work at 9 but still sleep late. ask for Leo favor to fetch me to KJ lrt station if he is fetching E back. thx Leo.. :)

just having fun playing with my facebook game. but getting boring already. :( why? i get bored of everything.. but not with L, i love being with him every minute of my life. >.<

woke up at 8am, get ready to start my new job. as a roaming team. reach late to KJ, hell jammed. but still thx to Leo. the plan is to go to Kepong area give sampling. i enjoyed the day.. :)
yesterday night was talking about the Redang trip with J, H, P, C and K but all not comfirm yet. let me know soon babes and guys. and they invited me to go Miss today because there's a free flow for ladies, but nah.. im not going. tired! sorry guys..

ENJOY the NIGHT in MISS.. :) ->J, K, H, C, P, F

Thursday, July 16, 2009

last few days hang out till very late at night. and that time L was busy playing poker on laptop. and there is me and julie. Boring. we talked, have our own conversation, girls talk. and suddenly something came on my mind. i want to learn driving and julie agree to teach me. and yeah, took L's car learn driving. guess what.. i only took few minutes to learn how to drive but not driving up the hill la of course.

gotta go. helping fren do some correction.