Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Valentines, Baby

baby.. thx for everything even though it is not a surprise and its a last minute plan. anyway, i really enjoy it and i love and will never forget the night that we have together with all the delicious red wine and sweet cocktail. i love them.. i love you the most laa...

remember that i planned to take you out for just a simple dinner at the Summer steamboat in Sunway but you said its kinda late to eat steamboat already and yeah we will go next time baby k? i spend pulak. haha... and i love the rose that you bought for me and also the little cute ber bear that hugging a love. thx my love.. you will always be in my heart. sorry that i didnt give you anything special but i do make you happy right? haha...



holla! wanna come in?

what a beautiful scenary of Kellie's Castle

was taken at the Castle, this tree looks like a bear hugging the tree.

this was the front view of the Castle

many things have been going on since i last blog. last month i went outstation with L and he brought me to many places. we been to Kellie's Castle, Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, and Gua Tempurung. i was enjoying all of this places. actually it is not a holiday, just that i was follwing him while he is working in outstation. im on college break so not a prob for me to follow eh. lolx.. it was all 9days and it is beofre chinese new year.

it was fun, Kellie's Castle was amazing and i cant believe the building is still in good condition even it is already been more than 100years. we didnt stay in the Bukit Merah Resort because L have to go for work and we stop there just to have a look and we thought maybe we could go there when we are on the real hols. mmm hmmm.... :) on our way back from Kedah, Penang and Ipoh, we stop by Gohpeng gor awhile just to have a look at the Gua Tempurung. the Gua is cool and kinda dark because light could rotten up the stones. i didnt bring camera so i couldnt take any picture in the cave.

this was at Bukit Merah

this is their resort