Saturday, May 9, 2009

miss yah!

i love the dress most comparing to all that we have tried on.

i miss high school where frens is all around. i miss the environment of the schools where we used to hang around with our close frens and best frens. telling secrets.. gossiping.. but before i ended high school, my close fren registered to another school. so we dont get to hang out so often anymore in the school. we dont really usually go out cause our schedule is different. my class is in the morning but hers is in the afternoon. weekend i usually busy going to church so we dont get to hang out.
but now, she is already after high school and my college timetable is free, we hang out last week and it was amazingly fun. we have so much fun and we went for korean food for our dinner. yeah!
we took lots of great picture. laughing.. *winks*

yes.. like u said.. this pic is for my L. thx so much for understanding me my luv.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rum Jungle ere i come!

labour day is holiday for everyone. L's mom took us to Rum Jungle for alcohol. free for us cause she already have 1 bottle reserve before this. so we drink for free and there is no cover charge for L. auntie got move man.. she can dance and move very well.. so fun having them there and there is a live bad as well.. and i get very red after drinking 2 glass but of cox i know my limit, i didnt get drunk.