Saturday, March 27, 2010

life seems very tired for me now a days. its maybe because i have spend too much time concentrating on my job and not other stuff. the concentrating power really takes up all my energy. have been working extra than my working hours because i tend to get everything done on that day itself. invoices and credit card charging will get me confused sometimes. this is what i dont like about it. >.<

but thank god, today is saturday. finish at 1pm just now. im so gonna sleep dead tonight after getting everything done (not my job of course, maybe washing and ironing). and wake up late tmr.. ahh..

just knew that daddy just had an operation. why isn't he telling me? why is my grandaunt is the one who told me about it? :(  missing my dad already. i hope that my sibling will take a good care of him.

<3 ya!

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