Saturday, February 27, 2010

time passes by so fast.. sometimes i wonder whether i did make a right choice. anyhow, i dont think i can turn back anymore because i dont think that everything thati have decide and do will make me feel regret. i thank god so much for helping me out whenever i want him.

working as a full timer is not easy. time doesnt wait and your performance must be revealed. if not then your gonna be a 'loser' or somehow lets put it to a better saying, a 'not good in work' person. i am scared because i am still under probation and all of this thing are like totally new for me. but i appreaciate the work and the people that been teaching me and giving me support. i am glad that they are so patient and i hope myself can give my best. next 2months will be the evaluation day and its all depends on my performance and feedback from my department people and my collegue. i hope this all will go well.

winks.. ** :D

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