Friday, February 19, 2010

CNY was awesome this year but very tired as i have not much days in hometown to go visit all my relatives and also friends.
its good to see my grandma and daddy again and also my siblings. i miss them very much..

as always, when i look at my grandpa's pictures that hanging up the wall above my piano, my tears still drop. i cant help it every time so sometimes i keep myself from looking at the picture. he is my best man that i ever had since i was born until he is gone. i didnt have any chance to do anything and to buy anything for him since he were here, because i did not have any income but now i do.

just to let you know grandpa that I LOVE YOU very much. i will never forget you. i hope that you can hear me say 'I LOVE YOU' this word and know how much i love you.



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