Friday, August 14, 2009

if we love that someone

if we love someone, we want them to love us too.

but what if that someone treat us like #$%@, and do not even bother about how you feel?
will you still stick with them or you will run away?
someyimes its too complicated to be in love with someone that you love so much.

does that someone really care?
does that someone pick you up after school/ college after your class (he is not working)?
does that someone concern about how your exam goes? interview goes? job goes?
does that someone ever break their promise that you got so excited about?
does that someone fill up your stomach when you are hungry?
does that someone covers you from being bully by anyone?

from the above, does he really care actually? *confused*

-im not emoing but just try to express myslf. i want someone to talk to but then i think i just should keep it to myself till i cannot take it anymore. i should be patient again.

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