Wednesday, August 19, 2009

yesterday was having a nightmare. its not something scary but something you dont wanna lose. and its something very important to our body part especially when we smile. hah..
i dreamt that i broke my front tooth. and i straight away woke up from my sleep. its so funny feeling and i dont know why i dreamt bout me breaking my tooth.

and then i didnt sleep back already. and its still early and i have no class (on hols). :)
and my day didnt went so well because someone is moody and got angry without any reason.
*hate those kind of feelings whene someone is angry at/ on something but then they make u feel like they are angry at you. the u got 'terasa'.

.FCUK that feeling.

sometimes just got myself thinking too much and asking myself, should i go on with what im having right now or move on?
-i dont know. this thing takes time i guess. and you know how it feels right, HW?

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